Meals to help you reduce snacking



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Food experts’ balanced and nourishing meal ideas Breakfast Yogurt, kefir, nuts, seeds, berries, fruit – Tim Spector Scrambled egg or tofu with avocado on a slice of high-fibre rye bread – Robert Hobson Old-fashioned rolled oats made with milk or alternative served with berries, nuts and seeds and optional Greek yogurt – Robert Hobson Lunch Oily fish, piles of salad, sourdough toast – Alison Clark Chicken with quinoa, broccoli and feta – Claudia Ashton Veggie bean chilli served with avocado and brown rice – Robert Hobson Dinner Oven-baked salmon with ‘courgetti’ in red pepper sauce – Claudia Ashton Spicy steamed prawns with chilli, ginger and konjac rice – Claudia Ashton Vegetable or lentil curry packed full of plants. Add in tofu or fish – Tim Spector