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Lily’s fear of the naked celebrity photo hackers

By Patrick Foster Country War and Peace, Doctor Who Town &

AS THE good-hearted Natasha Rostova in the BBC’s blockbuster adaptation of Lily James fell in love repeatedly, with little thought for the consequences.

But in real life the actress says she has been forced to “censor” herself in romance, as she fears falling prey to the hackers who released nude photographs of a number of Hollywood celebrities.

The 26-year-old is dating Matt Smith, the former actor who was caught up in the 2014 scandal. Intimate images of Smith, with his then-girlfriend Daisy Lowe, were leaked on the internet, which James said was “terrifying and so unfair”. In an interview with

magazine, she said: “It makes you conscious of not doing … You shouldn’t have to censor yourself in that way. I’ve begun to think like this, and it’s really sad.”

She also said that she had suffered lower pay than male stars. “I realised really early on, especially because I’m young, that people will take advantage,” James said. “I’m very open, and I stupidly thought that people would be open and fair with me, but they’re not. I sort of found out the hard way.”

The actress said that her obsession with Harry Potter had led her to beg her parents to send her to boarding school but that she had gone into the village at weekends to get drunk. She added: “Matron started breathalysing us, so we’d suck on pennies to neutralise our mouths.”





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