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MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2 2002 Channel 4, 6.35pm ÌÌÌÌÌ Tom Cruise reprises his role as IMF agent Ethan Hawke in this follow-up to the cult 1996 film that spawned a seemingly never-ending raft of sequels (the seventh will be released later this year). In a plot borrowed from Hitchcock’s Notorious, this film follows Hawke as he tries to prevent villain Sean Ambrose (Dougray Scott) from stealing a deadly virus and starting a pandemic by seducing Ambrose’s ex, played by Thandiwe Newton. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 2012 Sky Showcase, 9pm ÌÌÌÌÌ The final film in Christopher Nolan’s excellent Batman trilogy is intriguing, as it’s almost a superhero film without a superhero. Eight years have passed since the events of The Dark Knight, and Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is living a Howard Hughes-like existence in his manor. But the emergence of Bane (Tom Hardy), a masked terrorist, drives Bruce out of self-imposed exile. It’s a ferociously satisfying close.