2 Skip the sandwich at your desk for lunch with your work friend



Daily Telegraph



Most of us have a one-hour lunch break written into our contracts, but studies show that few people in Britain use it to actually take a break – and if they do, it’s often to run errands rather than socialise. But Waldinger is adamant that we should take more of a French approach to our lunch hour and swap the PowerPoint presentation for a plat du jour with a colleague. And don’t just discuss work. To forge real bonds, you need to talk about your personal life and show a little vulnerability. “The study really highlighted that good relationships at work not only make you happier and healthier, but make you more productive, more successful and more likely to stay in the same job,” he says. “I would go so far as to say that managers should actively find ways for their employees to socialise and have fun together. And don’t feel guilty about making friends during office hours, as it’s as good for the business as it is for you.”