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1 Your friendships are: a) One of the great pleasures of life b) Nice for parties – but they rank below family life, work and fitness in your list of priorities c) Something you feel insecure about It’s 11pm and you’re upset. Do you: a) Call a close friend or family member, or talk frankly to your spouse b) Wait until the next day and send a text to someone saying you’re worried c) Knock back a whisky, distract yourself on social media and tell yourself to calm down Striking up a conversation with strangers is: a) Enjoyable b) Something you do occasionally c) A suspect and distinctly unBritish activity, surely? The people who work in your local shop or café are: a) Lovely – you are on a first name basis now b) Nice enough; sometimes you talk about the weather c) Total strangers You family members are: a) Your best friends – very little happens in your life without them knowing b) Trying at times, but you love them c) People to struggle through a difficult Christmas with Your colleagues are: a) Great friends – you invite each other to birthdays b) Fun for a weekday lunch, but not for out of the office c) Co-workers to talk about professional matters with Social media is: a) An essential tool for staying in touch and meeting new people b) A nice way of keeping acquaintances updated c) A means of distracting yourself rather than communicating A friend has something you desperately want – a grandchild, a happy relationship. Do you: a) Open up about why this feels painful to you b) See them, but keep off that particular topic c) Step back from the friendship for a while You last contacted a friend to suggest meeting up: a) This week b) This month c) You can’t remember Mostly A You have a very healthy attitude to friendship and have fostered great connections with people you feel safe and relaxed with – this should stand you in good stead for years to come. Why not make sure other people can benefit from your attitude by inviting a shy co-worker to lunch or messaging a friend you know is lonely? Mostly B You have a good circle of support but, understandably, real life can get in the way. Ask yourself if you really need to work late again, or if seeing an old friend might be more beneficial. Instead of texting your family, make a plan to call one of them each weekend. Chat with someone in a shop and don’t spend more than 10 minutes on social media without messaging or commenting on a post. Mostly C You could benefit from closer connection, but don’t worry – the modern world has a way of making this feel difficult. Happily, it’s not. Start by texting an acquaintance or family member you haven’t seen in ages (do it now if you can). When they reply, follow up with a phone call or a plan to meet up. Set strict limits on social media usage and ask a colleague to go out for coffee and then tell them one thing about your personal life they don’t know.