1st Jeep Avenger



Daily Telegraph



A smaller SUV than its similarly aspirational rivals on the shortlist from Kia, Toyota and Nissan, in which a relatively modest battery provides a decent range in combination with nippy performance. A four-wheel-drive version goes on sale later but for most folk a front-wheel-drive Jeep, while an oxymoron, will be all they need. The interior is well worked, stylish and comfortable, although the rear seats are cramped. The touchscreen isn’t the easiest to use but at least the heater controls are on a separate panel rather than buried in a screen sub-menu and therefore prone to distracting the driver. The ride and handling are really good, with a direct feel to cornering and steering, combined with excellent body control. What’s more, this fluency is achieved without making the ride quality too harsh. There’s even a modicum of off-road ability (thanks to hill descent control electronics and a raised ride height), to get you off that frosty grassed car park. The Avenger is well worked and attractive but, as with all battery-electric cars, it’s not cheap. I was closer than usual to picking the winner this year, placing the Jeep just behind the stylish ID. Buzz. The Jeep Avenger features a comfortable and stylish interior