Andrew Baker The Saturday quiz

Like a conversation around the table, the Family Quiz follows a thread and everyone can join in. Some questions suit younger quizzers, but really it’s a free-for-all. Don’t all shout at once!



Daily Telegraph


? 1 The American actor Telly Savalas was born on this day 101 years ago. What is the name of the lollipop-sucking detective he played to great acclaim on television? (a) Kojak (b) Ironside (c) Columbo 2 Colombo is the capital of which nation? (a) Colombia (b) Bolivia (c) Sri Lanka 3 Prior to the establishment of the capitol in Washington, DC, which two other cities served as capitals of the United States? Baltimore and Princeton New York and Philadelphia Boston and Newark 4 Billy Boston was a celebrated exponent of which sport? (a) Rugby league (b) Baseball (c) Darts 5 Billy Ray Cyrus, the American singer, starred in a long-running sitcom with his daughter Miley. What was the show – and her character – called? (a) Ida Idaho ? (b) Hannah Montana (c) Winnie Wyoming 6 Which scientist discovered and named X-rays? (a) Marie Curie (b) Sir Isaac Newton (c) Wilhelm Röntgen 7 Troy Tempest and his colleagues aboard the submarine Stingray in the 1960s TV puppet series work for WASP. What does this stand for? (a) White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (b) World Aquanaut Security Patrol (c) Waterways And Seaways Protection 8 What is the name of the undersea base where the Octonauts live? (a) The Octopod (b) The Nautipod (c) The Octopool ? 9 What is the name of the home ground of Liverpool Football Club? Goodison Park Old Trafford Anfield 10 11 (a) (b) (c) 12 Westminster was so named, about 1,000 years ago, to distinguish its large stone church from the “east minster” – which was what? (a) St Martin-in-the-fields (b) Southwark Cathedral (c) St Paul’s Cathedral* 13 14 15 If a cricketer is out for a golden duck, what has happened to them? (a) Dismissed without scoring in both innings of a match Dismissed by the first ball they received Run out without facing a ball