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MP on £74,000 a year is ‘too poor to buy a home’

By Laura Hughes and Ben Riley-Smith Granada Debate. The

A CONSERVATIVE MP has claimed he has been forced to move back in with his parents after he was unable to afford the deposit to buy a house.

William Wragg, the MP for Hazel Grove, has said he is part of a “boomerang generation” of young people unable to get on the property ladder, despite earning £74,000 as a Member of Parliament.

The 28-year-old former primary school teacher admitted he was “paid extremely well”, but his office confirmed that the MP had moved back to his family home.

The admission comes as Cabinet ministers are under pressure to forgo a new £1,000 pay rise after a minister and MPs from across the political spectrum pledged to give the increase away to charity.

MPs are entitled to claim expenses for a second home in London, however they have to pay for their constituency homes themselves.

While working as a teacher, Mr Wragg said he was only able to afford a rented flat and was now saving a deposit for a home of his own.

“When I think how much I spent on rent in a flat instead of a mortgage, I think maybe I made the wrong choice,” he said on ITV’s

“I am part of that boomerang generation myself. In a few years, hopefully I will have saved up enough for a deposit.”





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