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How to wear the 2-in-1 dress

A silk dress and wool jumper combo is a winning winter look

DRESS MANIA IS going nowhere (why should it, when the one-piece wonder has proven itself to be the acme of comfort and elegance?), but if you’re craving a refresh after all those floaty midis, may I introduce the 2-in-1 look?

It’s a formula that has been around for years, but the scientists, sorry, designers at AllSaints have drilled it down to its purest form, which is basically silky ’90s slip dress + grungy jumper = perfect winter outfit. The store has a whole section dedicated to 2-in-1 dresses, one of which I’m wearing here.

Any look that gives you an air of effortless chic with genuinely little effort is always a winner, but I especially love the sense of coordinated simplicity that a 2-in-1 creates. By matching the shades of your jumper and dress, you look polished and put-together, but fuss-free, too. If you’re in search of a five-minute route to sophistication, then this is it.

While AllSaints is currently the only store selling the whole package, it’s very easy to build up your own capsule collection of 2-in-1 dresses. Black or navy will always be useful, but I’d challenge you to add extra interest by opting for more offbeat tones. After all, this is an easy way to wear colour because you’re doing (roughly) the same shade head to toe, which is always going to be flattering and impactful without requiring any worry about coordination.

Take street-style inspiration from the buttery gold of Caroline Issa’s outfit or the burnished ochre showcased by Annette Weber – both can be tricky hues to pair with others so doing them on their own is a great way in.

Once summer comes you can, of course, wear your slip on its own, but if you plan to do this, focus on buying a style that you feel comfortable in without the safety blanket of a jumper. For me, that would mean a not-too-clingy bias cut, and thick shoulder straps to accommodate a bra (Raey’s’s version,

If you’re in search of a

five-minute route to sophistication, then this is it

There’s something beautifully luxe about the combination of wool and silk

also available in black, is ideal) – elements you don’t need to be too concerned about when you have a longer knit layered over the top.

There’s something beautifully luxe about the combination of silk and wool, too. Both are so soft and comforting on these dark winter days – the shimmer of the silk elevates the wool, while the wool stops the silk looking too ‘done’. And while a 2-in-1 looks good, it’ll also make you feel good – there are no zips digging in or constrictive waistlines (which is why this has become a go-to maternity look for me). If you’re harbouring a few extra pounds from the festive season, a 2-in-1 creates a very kind silhouette. Better than any supermarket 2-for-1 deal.





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