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Creating calm from chaos

Stuff in need of sorting? It’s the perfect time of year for decluttering and organising your home. Here, three experts share their stylish streamlining solutions. By Jessica Doyle

Sarah Corbett-Winder, stylist, presenter and personal shopper (

The wardrobe whisperer

I’ve never wanted to have a wardrobe with doors; clothes are such a huge part of what I do, I love being surrounded by them and looking at them. But it’s important to have a clear-out every six months or so, if only to remind yourself of what you have. It’s a sort of therapy for me; it’s like reconnecting with your clothes and it’s lovely when you rediscover a forgotten gem.

I used to be quite ruthless with culling things, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve realised that every trend comes back around, so I’m not so strict. If you’ve really enjoyed wearing something but you’re bored of it or haven’t worn it in a while, you might fall in love with it again. I’ve got a vintage sequin top that I haven’t worn for years, but I love it, and a couple of really old Ralph Lauren waistcoats that I’ve kept through every cull; I’m so glad now that I’ve still got them.

There are always those pieces that make you think, ‘Why did I buy that?’ If you can’t connect with it, you feel you’re too old for it, or it doesn’t go with anything else you have, it’s time to move it on. It might take a couple of culls to admit that you’ve made a mistake, but you might have a friend who would look great in it.





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