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Sarah’s TOP TIPS

Find a system that works for you. I used to organise by colour, but it didn’t work for my brain and I could never concentrate on what I actually wanted to wear. Now I organise by occasion: I have a section for everyday dresses, another for going-out dresses, daytime shirts in one place and lighter party tops in another. My knitwear is sorted into sections, so if I need a thin polo-neck to wear under a dress, I’ll know exactly where it is. It also means that when I’m having a clear-out, I can do it a section at a time.

I like to use storage boxes for accessories; mine are from H&M Home. I’ve got separate boxes for socks, tights, sunglasses, hairbands, scarves – it’s so easy to find what you need, you just pull out a box and it’s all there.

If you have the space, it’s good to have a holiday wardrobe to keep for when you’re going away; I have mine in our spare room. It makes packing really easy and it’s exciting to have a few dresses that you only wear when you’re on holiday.

I like to use thin metal hangers; the thinner the hanger, the more you can get on the rail.





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