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The kitchen queen

Rebecca Doyle (@thehousebuild), founder of lifestyle brand Love & Luxe (

I’m a busy working mum and I cook every night from scratch, so I need to be able to find things quickly and easily. If your kitchen is organised, cooking isn’t a chore.

Reorganising my pantry cupboard was quite a big job, but it was so worth it. We emptied out our food cupboards completely and threw away all the out-ofdate stuff hiding at the back; then it was a case of working out what we had, where we wanted it to go, and ordering in the jars, labels and baskets to store it. The kids loved helping me pour everything into the jars.

You don’t have to have a special pantry; you just need cupboards. Zone an area in a cupboard which could be for storing all your pasta, pulses and rice, for example. But also, think about how and what you like to cook and come up with a system that will work for you. If you and your children like to bake, store all the ingredients together, where they can easily reach them. It helps so much if it’s not all just shoved in random cupboards.

Having a system like this isn’t just for Instagram; it’s a real thing. When your pantry or cupboards look beautiful and are well organised, it makes your head happy, and cooking and baking are so much more enjoyable. If you do it right, you should only have to do it once: when you have a good organisation system in place it’s easy to stick to.





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