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Rebecca’s TOP TIPS

Measure up your cupboards and shelves and find jars and baskets that will fit them. I bought mine from a company called Paper & Ink (thepaperandink., which I found on Instagram; the founder, Kasia, helped me work out what size jars would work best.

If you’re planning a kitchen refurb, factor in things that will keep worktop clutter to a minimum. We have a ‘butler’s pantry’– a countertop cupboard with folding doors that can hide the toaster, coffee maker, recipe books and microwave – and a hot-water tap so we don’t need a kettle.

Use every square inch. You can get racks to attach to the backs of doors to hold smaller jars and spices so they’re easy to see.

I menu-plan every week, so I know exactly what I’ll be cooking each evening and what I need to buy.





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