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The skincare streamliner

Caroline Solomon, organising expert and former beauty editor (

It’s so important to have a streamlined skincare and makeup routine. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with products and not really know how best to approach organising them. No one wants a cluttered bathroom; you want it to look like your favourite boutique hotel.

Always declutter before buying any new storage baskets or containers. If you’re someone who buys a lot of products, be realistic: only keep the ones that you use, that you’re excited to use in the future, and that won’t expire by the time you’re ready to use them. Most skincare and make-up products last from one to three years if unopened.

If you’ve tested out a product and you don’t like the fragrance or the texture, can you give it to a friend? The same goes for makeup. If you’ve tried a lipstick and it doesn’t suit you, you’re never going to like it. Pass it on. Once a product has been opened, it can last for one or two years, but use your best judgement: if a liquid has separated, the texture feels wrong or it smells off, chuck it.

Once you’ve decluttered, I recommend lining up your daily essentials on the countertop or at eye level in your bathroom cabinet, so you can go on autopilot in the morning. The other back-up items can go below the sink or on the top shelf in the cabinet.





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